Hi, I’m AJ and I design and build products with startups.

Every high-growth startup’s success hinges on balancing speed to market which grows their customer base, and stability and scale which lets them delight and retain those customers.

If you can’t expand to new verticals and continue delivering on the value propositions you already released — then your service offerings won’t scale — it’s as simple as that.

This takes a lot of different skillsets …

Product Management

Ensuring that your solution is viable by weighing the tradeoffs and focusing the team, so that the right value proposition is tested before development begins.

Design Research

Using design to clarify what problem you are solving, and verify that real users will not only be receptive to the solution you are developing — but that they actively desire it.

Software Engineering

Iteratively prototyping to continuously deliver feasible solutions while building a team and infrastructure which can accommodate them at ever increasing scale.

That’s where I come in

A designer by training, and a developer by necessity — since 7 years ago when I opened my own consulting business, I have refined each of these skillsets to establish myself as an emerging engineering leader in the application development space, from discovery to delivery.

I’ve founded a few startups, and I’ve consulted with even more; most recently I have spent the past two years working at goPuff to help them build core SCM and Fulfillment technologies that enabled their logistics network to scale from dozens of facilities during early rounds of funding to hundreds of facilities and multiple acquisitions, resulting in billions of dollars raised by the Co-CEOs, securing us an even steeper valuation.

But don’t just take me at my word

Check out case studies from companies I’ve worked with. And if you want to know more about how I do my work, check out my process.

If you think you have a project that is right for me slide into my DMs here.

I am currently considering the following kinds of roles:

Fractional Executive (in tech or product)

Director of Engineering ( full time, company must be offering NorCal pay to remote employees)

— Tech Lead (part time)