Hi, I’m AJ and I design and build products with startups.

Every startup’s business model hinges on finding product market fit by building a minimum viable product which proves that their idea can get massive traction.

If you don’t know what you can provide which your customers will also pay for — then you don’t have a business — it’s as simple as that.

This takes a lot of different skillsets …

Design Research

Using design to clarify what problem you are solving, and verify that real users will not only be receptive to the solution you are developing — but that they desire it.

Software Engineering

Iteratively prototyping to continuously deliver feasible solutions while building a team and infrastructure which can accommodate scale.

Product Management

Finding a viable market by delivering to the early adopters hungry for your solution, to test your value proposition.

That’s where I come in

A designer by training, and a developer by necessity — since 6 years ago when I opened my own consulting business, I have been building my skills in all of these areas to establish myself as an emerging expert in the mobile startup space.

But don’t just take me at my word

Check out case studies from companies I’ve worked with. And if you want to know more about how I do my work, check out my process.

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